Quests are tasks that can be completed for rewards. There are 3 Daily Vegas Quests and 3 Big Vegas Quests available at any time. Your Daily Vegas Quests will refresh every 24 hours and a new Big Vegas Quest will become available 24 hours after the previous quest's completion.
For each new game you unlock, a Vegas quest will also appear. Vegas quests have varied coins, gems and sticker rewards. Typically 3 Vegas quests are available. They can be completed without a time limit. Once a Vegas quest is completed, a new Vegas quest will appear.
To complete a quest, you simply drag-and-drop the required stickers onto the Quest card. Once all stickers have been placed, the quest is automatically completed and the reward is given.
Vegas quests that are too hard to complete can be replaced with an easier one, but only once per day. Tap on the small button in the top right corner of a quest card in order to replace it. Daily Vegas quests cannot be replaced.
Any symbol stickers that were placed on unfinished Daily Vegas Quests or replaced Vegas Quests are returned to your inventory. You never need to worry about losing stickers! Also, symbol stickers can be removed from cards if you change your mind on where to apply your stickers.