Stickers are collectible items. They can be obtained through chests awarded by playing the game as well as bought individually or as part of chests in the shop.

Stickers can be matched onto cards in order to complete quests.

There are symbol stickers and achievement stickers.

Symbol stickers vary in rarity. There are common stickers (blue frame), rare stickers (orange frame) and epic stickers (pink frame). More difficult quests and higher level upgrades will typically require more rare stickers.

Achievement stickers are required to complete cards associated with certain slots game. For instance, a card may require a 100 spins sticker that can be earned by playing 100 spins on the Arctic Beauty game.

Other achievement stickers may require the player to make bets of a certain size, win a certain amount of bonus games, or win a certain amount.

Achievement stickers cannot be purchased in the shop.